Weather Spotter Training Helps People Learn About Storms

The official start of spring is just weeks away and with warmer temps comes the possibility of severe weather.

The National Weather Service had a training session today to teach people about what to look for in storms Saturday.

For Tom Lornson and his daughter, it's their first time at a weather spotter training class.

“My daughter is very interested in weather. We saw a breakdown with the warning system last summer. I want to take responsibility for my own personal protection,” said Tom.

“I'm mostly interested in tornadoes. I know a million things about them,” added Ella.

Jeff Last, a meteorologist at the Green Bay National Weather Service teaches the class, which is put on along with Outagamie County Emergency Management.

“Helps them learn about formations. They learn how storms are created, where they're coming from and why they occur,” explained Julie Loeffelholz, the emergency management director.

One thing storm spotters can do is share current conditions with the National Weather Service.

“They are very useful. They give us on the spot info. They're able to see from a distance what is coming,” said Loeffelholz.

Anyone can go to these classes to become a spotter.

There's no requirements, just an interest in weather.

“I'm involved in a ham radio organization. We also do severe storm spotting. I like the ability to help the community and give a heads up, give people extra minutes to take cover and stay safe,” said Jon Kreski of Appleton.

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