Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Adding QR Code Medical History Tracking

The Cellcom Green Bay half and full marathons are less than a month away. And if you’re running this year, you need to watch for an email that asks questions about your medical history. It’s information that will be at the medical staff’s fingertips for the first time in case of emergency.

Runners of this years Cellcom Green Bay half and full marathon races are being asked to not ignore what’s coming to their email inboxes. An email all runners are receiving directs them to a website where they can update or validate their emergency contact information as well as any allergies or medical issues they may have. It’s all information that can help medical staff on the course if something were to happen.

“The last thing you’re going to want to be doing is giving someone medication when you don’t know what their allergies are,” says marathon Medical Coordinator Tom Krahn. “If you need to contact mom, dad, family, friend that might be their emergency contact you’re going to have that information available versus trying to scrounge around and try to find out who to contact or who to call.

For the first time in race history, that information will be available at the finger tips of credential holding medical staff on race day. Armed with a smartphone and a passcode, the marathon medical staff will be able to scan the QR code on a runner’s bib to get all the pertinent information they may need to treat someone in case of an emergency.

Tammy VanDenBusch is a media relations specialist for the marathon. She says, “We really hope that no one has to use it. In an ideal situation we don’t have to scan anybody QR code on race day, but it is going to give our medical providers the critical information that they need to do their jobs to the best of the abilities.”

It’s information and an QR code that only those authorized to use will have access to, just another measure that will help to give runners peace of mind.

Says VanDenBusch, “The QR code itself is secure. No runners will actually be able to access their own information because they won’t have the pin number provided, so they can feel safe entering the secure site, entering your information and then it will only be available to those credentialed medical providers.

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