Oneida Tribe approves same-sex marriage

Gay-Marriage-Rings-on-Flag-HD-6-26-2013 (2)

Changes to the Oneida marriage law will effectively allow same-sex marriages, starting next month.

The Oneida Tribe’s Business Committee unanimously accepted amendments to the marriage law, removing a requirement that adults must be the opposite sex and replacing the phrase “husband and wife” with “spouses.”

The changes were announced by the tribe on Thursday.

The amendments take effect June 10.

The tribe says marriages conducted through Oneida’s court are recognized statewide.

Wisconsin began allowing same-sex marriages last year after federal courts ruled a voter-approved ban on gay marriages unconstitutional and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the state’s appeal. A high court ruling on same-sex marriage, which could affect all 50 states, is expected in June.

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