Retired FBI Agent says bureau received ‘stacks of reports’ of calls of Muslims celebrating WTC collapse


One retired FBI agent says Donald Trump’s claims of seeing Muslim celebrations following the attacks on 9/11 are absolutely plausible.

Jim Burkett was an assistant special agent in charge with the FBI’s office in Boston during 9/11 and afterward.  He says during that time the office received tons of phone calls from people who feared more attacks and others reporting suspicious activity.

Many of those calls, said Burkett, came from concerned and angry Americans reporting Muslim’s celebrating over the destruction of the twin towers and damage to the Pentagon.  The calls were logged, reports were made and there were “stacks and stacks” of them, he said.

Burkett says somebody in the office began labeling them “Happy Muslim Calls.”  Most of the calls he said were deemed unimportant and the agency didn’t see fit to initiate investigations.

But the retired agent says even though video of celebrations following 9/11 is hard to find, he says it means Trump’s claims are highly plausible.

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