High tech tables enter Green Bay schools


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Students at Green Bay’s Webster Elementary School are putting new technology to work.

Teachers there say it’s the best way to prepare students for future jobs. Smart tables are helping schools keep kids ahead of the curve.

What used to only be learned in books is now taught on screens, more specifically, tables with screens.

“It does allow those students to work together and still communicate, things that they may not be doing on individual devices,” said Amy Sterckx, technology integrator at Green Bay Area Public Schools.

“It’s a really exciting time in education to see all these changes coming, and just to see the kids connecting with other students,” said Shelly Karstens, library media specialist at Green Bay Area Public Schools.

The school district is inviting parents to meetings this month to talk about the future of Green Bay schools. Part of that future is more technology, says Webster General Music and Artistic Director Kevin Flogel.

“More exciting for them and more what they’re used to, rather than putting a pencil to paper,” he said. “If they can see some visuals and other cues, it helps them stay more engaged on what they’re doing.”

Karstens says investing in new ways to teach kids better prepares them for careers.

“We have to create these kids who can learn and are flexible and are willing to try and aren’t scared of anything,” she said.

Flogel says new technology also keeps him on his toes.

“Just trying to keep at least one day ahead of the kids is the hard part,” he said. “It’s great for me to be learning as much as they are.”

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