Packers Prepare For Deafening Debut



Mike McCarthy had a 5-3 record in the Metrodome when his Packers played the Vikings, and countless headaches.   “I’ll be honest with you, I enjoyed going to the Metrodome,” said the Packers Head Coach earlier this week.  “ It was a heck of a challenge playing in there.  I had some bad days in there,  and I had some good days in there too. The noise was a little too much, gave me a headache.”

Coach better pack his Tylenol for Sunday night’s game against the Vikings, the first regular season game in Minnesota’s brand new stadium.  U.S. Bank Stadium was built with what the Vikings call “acoustically reflective material.”  In their preseason game against the Chargers, acoustic readings topped out at 114 decibels.  The loudest for a regular season game in the Metrodome was 118.  So the new place could be louder than the old place. “Shocking, shocking;  I’m sure we’ll find out Sunday night,” said McCarthy.  Added Jordy Nelson, “we have heard that the way they put it together was to allow the noise to reflect instead of absorb;  a smart move by them.”

Which means the Packers Offensive line, playing just it’s second game together as a starting five, will have to be smart when Aaron Rodgers is forced to use the silent count.  “We did it in Jacksonville the other day, the operation was pretty smooth,” said Left Tackle David Bakhtiari.  “Me and Lane (Taylor) have worked on our nonverbal, so I feel pretty confident on that end.”

“I think Dave and Lane were pretty good at communication last week, that was the first time on the road really playing next to each other, “ added Right Tackle Bryan Bulaga. “TJ (Lang) and I have played a lot of games together with communication wise. And JC (Tretter) is very smart making sure everybody’s on the same page. It will be a challenge for sure, but we have played in a lot of environments that are loud and tense like that so it’s just a matter of cleaning things up during the week so they were comfortable going in on Sunday.”

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