Hunters say they enjoy archery season even more

Anticipation builds for Wisconsin's archery season opener

bow hunter

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – While it may never rival the popularity of Wisconsin’s nine-day gun-deer season, Saturday marks the start of a season many hunters say they enjoy even more.

For those who enjoy hunting, September 17 will be like Christmas morning. “Grouse in the north zone, rabbits in the north zone, squirrel, turkey, deer, youth waterfowl, it’s all on now,” DNR wildlife biologist Jeff Pritzl said.

With all of these seasons set to open, archery generates the most excitement, which was evident Friday, or call it Christmas Eve, at Cabela’s in Green Bay.

“Very excited. I actually didn’t get a chance to hunt too much last year due to a surgery, and I’ve also got a new property this year I’ll be hunting, so haven’t been out there yet to hunt it so very excited about getting out tomorrow,” Jacob Schoettler of Shiocton said.

For many of the 250,000 hunters expected to pursue the elusive whitetail this fall, archery and crossbow season is second to none.

“Used to love gun hunting. I still do, but for me I’d take bow hunting any day. It’s peaceful, it’s a chance for me to spend some time with my son,” Steve Spaeth said.

“It’s more close. You got to get them in close. It’s more of a game trying to outsmart them,” said Schoettler. “You get everything with bow season, from warm weather and mosquitoes to frigid cold and snow.”

What does a DNR biologist look forward to? “To climb in the stand and just sit, and that sense of being quiet and letting your senses tune in, that whole listening and watching and becoming alert in a way I haven’t done all summer and it’s just your body feels, you just feel more alive,” Pritzl says.

Back to business, Pritzl tells us this is shaping up to be a good archery season around the state after two mild winters and crops expected to come off early this fall.

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