Appleton Walk to Defeat ALS


An annual walk for the cause continued today in the Fox Valley, where hundreds came out to fight for an ALS cure.

Today marks the 8th annual “Appleton Walk to Defeat ALS.” Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, sometimes known as Lou Gherig’s Disease, involves the death of neurons that control voluntary muscles, making speaking, swallowing and breathing difficult for those affected.

Today’s two mile walk drew nearly 1,500 people, whose funds go toward helping ALS patients and families across Wisconsin.

“We do this walk for a couple different reasons,” says Melanie Roach-Bekos, the executive director of the Wisconsin ALS chapter. “First of all to let ALS patients know they are not alone in the fight. And the second reason is because ALS has been so underfunded and ignored for so long.”

“It’s all about advocacy and awareness, to keep that door open for the necessary funding,” says Peggy Driessen, who is affected by ALS.

Organizers tell us the most important part of events like this is sharing support for those with ALS.

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