Appleton animal rescue overcrowded with dogs


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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – An animal rescue organization in Appleton is in a desperate search for homes for the dogs at their facility.

An elderly man recently called Saving Paws, telling them that he was no longer able to care for the 40 dogs that lived in his home. Saving Paws is helping the man find homes for 38 of his dogs, which are Labradors, Shepard and Husky mixes.

So far, they’ve been able to find homes for 20 of the dogs. They need to find homes for the remaining dogs because their facility isn’t properly insulated for the winter, meaning once it gets chilly, there’s no place to keep the dogs.

Saving Paws volunteer Deb Josephs has adopted a couple of the dogs. She said they are shy because there was no way its owner could socialize with each of them. However, they are all adoptable.

“They’ve had their breakthrough,” she said, showing pictures of the dogs with her children. “So we get wonderful, warm success stories. So we know they all have potential. We just have to get the right family for each one of them.”

To contact Saving Paws, call (920) 830-2392 or visit their website,

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