Fox Cities Marathon: A look at the top-finishing runners

Thousands of runners laced up in this year’s Fox Cities Marathon.


Neenah, Wis. (WBAY) – More than 7,500 people participated in either the half or full Fox Cities Marathon race on Sunday, but only a few could finish at the top.

Action 2 News spoke with both winners of the full marathon race (see below). Here’s a list of the top-finishing runners:

Fox Cities Marathon (Men):

  1. Mason Gundy (Menasha) – 2nd consecutive 1st place winner – Time: 2:46:06
  2. Sebastian Miller (Muskego) – Time: 2:51:17
  3. Ben Garbe (Waukesha) – Time: 2:51:55

Fox Cities Marathon (Women):

  1. Alisha Damrow (Menasha) – Time: 3:14:25
  2. Kate Harrell (Oshkosh)- Time: 3:17:50
  3. Paula Tompkins (Oshkosh) – Time: 3:20:32

Thedacare Health Half Marathon (Men):

  1. John Dewitt (Milwaukee) – Time: 1:05:54
  2. Brian Finnel (Verona) – Time: 1:09:02
  3. Derek Johnsrud (Fall River) – Time: 1:11:50

Thedacare Health Half Marathon (Women):

  1. Laura Schmitz (Oshkosh) – Time: 1:26:46
  2. Katie Renz (Appleton) – Time: 1:27:23
  3. Kelly Halloran (Mount Horeb) – Time: 1:31:42

Gundy said he trained extensively and was proud of how he did. His goal was to win again and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

“I was like fighting myself, like slow down, you’re tired,” Gundy said. “Probably keep back a couple of minutes. Nobody’s behind you. I was like no, because if I slow down, somebody’s going to pass me, and I’m going to be upset with myself.”

Damrow has participated in the Fox Cities Marathon for 16 straight years, but Sunday was her first time winning. She said she never thought she would have a race like this. She didn’t think she would even place.

“Just an unbelieveable feeling,” she said. “Seeing all these people that I trained and that I see around my neighborhood coming out to cheer for myself and for other runners, it was amazing. People I’ve never met before, suddenly they’re cheering for you. Such energy for this race.”




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