Animal shelter says man did right thing surrendering dozens of dogs

Almost 40 dogs have come through the shelter, surrendered by one local man

Rescued dogs at Saving Paws shelter

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – An Appleton animal shelter finds itself in an unusual situation after dozens of dogs, all from one home, are surrendered.

Saving Paws Animal Rescue has saved dozens of shepherd/golden/husky mix dogs since May. Almost 40 dogs have come through the shelter, surrendered by one local man.

“Generally a situation like that is found out, not that they come to us,” says Deb Josephs with Saving Paws Animal Rescue.

According to Saving Paws officials, the man came to them several months ago looking to surrender one dog. As conversations continued, it was learned the man had dozens of dogs in his home.

Deb Josephs says, “It’s not something that happened on purpose, it just kind of got out of control and becomes something that you’re ashamed of and you don’t want to reach out for help.”

Saving Paws says the man did the right thing by asking for help.

They’re continuing to provide food for the dogs still in the home, and since the encounter the animal shelter has been removing three to five dogs every other week from the man’s house.

“He hugs them as he gives them to us. He tells them, ‘You’re going off to a better life,’ so he truly, he cares about them,” says Josephs about how the man says goodbye to the dogs. “And as much as this as been hard for him, he knows it’s the right thing to do.”

With the majority of the dogs in good health, Saving Paws has been able to adopt out about 20 of the animals, and it’s still looking for forever homes for about a dozen more.

It’s a process that costs $275, even though some of the dogs have received medical care beyond that expense. Saving Paws just wants to find happy homes for these dogs before winter, when they won’t have adequate space to house them.

Josephs adds, “It really has stretched what we have, but it’s so worth it in the end. Because, when we can look back at this project and know that up to 45 to 50 dogs have come out of that home and have successfully placed into a loving home, we’re going to feel great about that.”

Saving Paws is still looking for families to adopt or foster the dogs. You can find out more information on their website.

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