AT&T announces AirGig using power lines to carry wireless internet

AirGig antenna on utility pole
(Photo: AT&T)

DALLAS (WCMH) — AT&T announced a project the company says has the potential to deliver low cost multi-gigabit wireless internet by piggybacking on power lines.

The technology developed by AT&T Labs and announced Tuesday uses plastic antennas and devices to speed and guide millimeter wave signals along the power lines — but no direct electrical connection with the power lines is needed. It can be used to deploy 4G LTE and 5G wireless internet.

The company is calling the technology :Project AirGig,” and says it has the potential to deliver the internet urban, rural and under-served parts of the world using existing power lines.

The technology has reportedly performed well in AT&T Labs tests and will soon be rolled out for trials in some cities and countries. AT&T says it expects to begin field trials in 2017.

The specific locations for the test were not announced.

Power companies could also benefit from Project AirGig rollouts. The company says it could enable and expand a variety of smart-grid applications, including early detection of problems with power lines, alerting the utility to the specific segment of an affected line.

Originally published by our Media General sister station WCMH


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