Cars, truck stolen from Green Bay car detailing service

Police are still looking for a sedan, station wagon and pickup truck

Recovered stolen cars
The two recovered stolen cars (Photo: WBAY)

Sept. 22 update: A third stolen car has been recovered, a Honda Civic. Police offered no further details.

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – Green Bay Police are looking for suspects after five vehicles were stolen from a car detailing service.

Police say they were taken from Car-Gard on the 1600-block of Cass Street, just off E. Mason Street, sometime between 6 o’clock Monday night and 6:15 Tuesday morning.

Someone went into the building and found where the keys were stored.

So far three cars were recovered. The first two were found Tuesday in Allouez. The third car was located Thursday, but police offered no further details.

Police are still looking for these two vehicles:

  • Bright blue, 2014 model Ford F-150 pickup truck; it had a Wisconsin truck plate, AE 7517
  • Red, 2006 model Audi A-3 3.2 Quattro station wagon; it had a Wisconsin license plate, 557 XSG

Two transfer plates were also stolen.

“If it’s one suspect or multiple suspects that stole all these vehicles, we want people to know that…we’re going to look for the people responsible for this, and if anyone has any information, please come forward,” Capt. Kevin Warych, Green Bay Police Department, said.



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