Oshkosh man charged in violent attack is linked to second rape

Timothy Cole
Timothy Cole

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – A 24-year-old man is facing several charges, accused of raping two women in Oshkosh. One of the victims was severely beaten with a bat.

Timothy Cole is charged with Attempted Homicide, two counts of Sexual Assault, Substantial Battery, False Imprisonment, and Strangulation and Suffocation.

A criminal complaint obtained by Action 2 News shows Cole is linked to rapes that happened on Aug. 21 and Sept. 14.

On Sept. 14, an Oshkosh officer was investigating a suspicious incident complaint when he heard a woman screaming out of a broken window of a building in the 1600 block of Oregon Street.

Police had to kick down doors to get to the woman, who was barricaded in a back bedroom.

Police say she had blood all over her face. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Detectives interviewed the victim who said she had been at a neighborhood bar when she met the suspect. She said he was too drunk to drive and she took pity on him, inviting him to spend the night on her couch.

Back at her residence, the suspect attempted to have sex with the victim, according to the criminal complaint. When she refused, he attacked her.

“That was when the male got very upset, grabbed her, and threw her down to the ground and began to punch her several times in the face,” complaint says.

The woman said Cole raped her.

During the assault, she was able to grab a baseball bat that was under her bed and started to hit him.

There was a struggle and the man said “let go of the bat now, and I will leave,” according to the criminal complaint. The man did not leave. Instead, he took the bat and hit her several times in the back and across the face.

The victim said she was able to get free and run to a back bedroom, shut the door and barricade herself inside.

She told police she had a hunting rifle, but no ammunition. She cocked the gun because she as afraid the suspect would come in and kill her.

The victim said the suspect left after some time and she tossed the gun out the window “just to make some noise.” A short time later police arrived on scene to hear her screams.

The victim was taken to a hospital. Doctors told police the woman’s injuries include severe facial fractures, brain injuries, and a broken nose.

The criminal complaint states the victim was able to identify the suspect out of a photo line up.

Police had located Cole and witnessed he had blood on his face and his body.  Cole consented to swabs of blood on his hands and face, according to the complaint.

The criminal complaint states DNA evidence ties Cole to a separate rape that happened Aug. 21.

A woman filed a complaint that said that she was walking home from a bar when a man put a hand over her mouth, dragged her and threw her down and raped her.

The woman had been taken to a hospital for a sexual assault exam.

On Sept. 14 — the same day as the Oregon Street assault — an Oshkosh detective received a report that DNA recovered from evidence linked Cole to the Aug. 21 assault.

Timothy Cole is being held on a $1 million cash bond.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 26.

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