Green Bay alderman calls for discussion to remove Mayor Schmitt

The mayor says he won't comment on the charges until his first court date next month


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – One green bay alderman is calling for a special meeting of city council members to discuss removing Mayor Jim Schmitt from office.

He’s been charged with three misdemeanors after he was accused of mishandling campaign donations.

It was business as usual at green bay’s city council meeting Tuesday night with Schmitt at the front table conducting his first city council meeting since being charged with three misdemeanors.

Unsealed documents released a few weeks ago show that investigators found 20 instances where Schmitt’s campaign received donations from a single donor that exceeded the amount limit.

It also shows the campaign received donations from corporations– which is prohibited under state law.

From the beginning, Schmitt has said he will not comment on the charges until after his court date on October 5 and he maintained that stance Tuesday night by not addressing the charges.

However, Alderman Guy Zima wasn’t about to let the issue go unnoticed so he is calling for a special city council meeting to discuss the mayor’s future immediately after Schmitt’s court date.

“I am asking our president, vice-president to gather the signatures for a special meeting of a committee of the whole to deal with this very matter,” said Alderman Guy Zima, Green Bay City Council.

But the city council president said he wants to be cautious in addressing this issue

“The process isn’t done yet. I need that to go through for me to make any reaction,” said Alderman Thomas De Wane, president of Green Bay City Council. “I want to make sure nothing is done illegally. I don’t want anyone making any judgments until he has his court date.”

Alderman Bill Galvin agrees with De Wane.

“I think we do not want to be premature on anything here. I think we need to let this thing go through the courts and see what the state action is. After that is all settled, I think the council needs to look at this,” said Galvin.

But Zima said someone has to hold Schmitt accountable and if a special meeting doesn’t work, he says he will ask for a recall.

“One way or another, the mayor is going to be brought to toe with the public and the City of Green Bay,” said Zima.

If the mayor is recalled, resigns, or is removed from office, the city council president, De Wane, would take over. When asked if he’s ready to step in, he said, “I ran for mayor. I was born ready.”

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