Packers’ Rodgers remains confident


Aaron Rodgers, the highest rated passer in NFL history, has now gone 14 straight games without topping a 100 rating. For perspective, he went once went 13 straight above that number. But amidst the panic in Packerland, the team is insulating itself with a blanket of confidence, led by it’s quarterback.

“No offense, but you guys are predictable,” Rodgers told the media. “We knew when we came in here, and I knew I had this Wednesday, we knew what the line of questioning was going to be. You guys have a job to do. You scrutinize. You analyze. And you make opinions based on how you feel a team is progressing or not progressing, or playing. We appreciate that. But inside we do not think the same way that you guys think. We are very honest about our performance and about how we are playing and about what we have to do. But we do not worry about the outside opinions. We have the confidence that we can get this thing going in the right direction. This is not an end of the world type moment, everything is not coming down on top of us. We knew what was going to happen when we came in here, because we have set a standard for so long, myself included, our team, of playing at such a high level. When you have a couple disappointing performance is, we know what’s coming. We appreciate what you do, but we are not ultimately judged or worried about your opinions of us.”

It has been a month since the Packers played here at Lambeau Field. But now they get 4 games in a row at home, where they have that ultra home-field advantage. But last season, that home-field advantage went for naught against the NFC North. Green Bay lost to Detroit, Minnesota, and Chicago at home.


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