Proposed Nestlé warehouse in Little Chute brings opposition by neighbors


LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) – Little Chute’s Village Board has approved an agreement and plan paving the way for Nestlé to build a supply center and warehouse.

The company estimates it would create 150 jobs.

“That has a spin-off, you have that many employees in the area, they spend money and do things,” said Little Chute Village President Michael Vanden Berg.

An estimated 40 million dollar warehouse would be in a newly annexed part of Little Chute, near the exit with Interstate 41.

Nestlé would get an estimated six million dollars in tax revenue it generates from the plant over 8 years.

A farmer right by the location doesn’t want a Nestlé building put in right by her dairy farm

“Cows don’t like a lot of noise and light and stuff,” Jean Vanhandel said. “It’s all about light and stuff and cow comfort.”

Vanden Berg believes reducing noise will be a priority for developers building the warehouse.

“The developer is taking measures to minimize the impact of noise and lighting in the surrounding areas with burns and plants and other measures,” said Vanden Berg.

Vanhandel doesn’t understand the location placement, either.

“I just don’t think it belongs where they’re putting it,” Vanhandel said. “I think it needs to go down Evergreen where all the other business are in the industrial part. We’re building nice new homes and now we’re going to plop that in. Well that’s going to end that all.”

But the village sees bringing the warehouse to Little Chute as a sustainable move for the town.

“The key to any municipality is economic growth,” said Vanden Berg.

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