Residents encouraged to sign up for emergency alerts

The free service sends alerts via text, email or phone call

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OUTAGAMIE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – Outagamie County is the latest in our area to offer mass notifications to residents in the event of an emergency. And now, county officials across the area are hoping people will sign up for the free service.

Whether it’s a missing child, a gas leak that requires evacuations, or an active shooter situation in a neighborhood where people need to shelter in place, Outagamie County officials can now notify residents of these situation immediately using the newly launched At Hoc system.

“It has an internal component here for the Outagamie County campus and it has an external component for the public,” says Lisa Van Schyndel, Outagamie County Emergency Management Director.

By going online to the county’s website, residents can self register themselves to receive alerts in case of an emergency. The alerts can come via text, email or phone call. And, only residents who are registered, by their home address, in the affected area, are notified of emergency situations.

Van Schyndel says, “Fire, EMS and law enforcement can always do the door-to-door notification, but because of the urgent nature it is a faster system if we’ve got this in place.”

Winnebago County already has a similar system in place. And, it’s used it many times for different types of situations. Much like Outagamie County, it’s encouraging its residents to register online for the alerts.

“When we had a child that was missing and we called out in neighborhood, so it is beneficial. And you never know when you might need that service and you want people to be signed up. So, it’s free, why not do it?” says Linda Kollmann, Emergency Management Director in Winnebago County.

And while the system offers weather alerts as well, county officials really want people to register for the alerts to keep them informed about emergency situations in their immediate areas.

Outagamie County residents should sign up for the notifications here.

Winnebago County residents can register here.

And Brown County residents can check out this site to register.

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