Storms cause flood concerns in Waushara County

sandbagged building in Wautoma
(Photo: WBAY)

WAUSHARA COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – The heavy rain that started early Wednesday morning has caused some minor flooding in the western half of the Fox Valley.

Authorities are urging people living in low-lying areas to be on alert.

The rain has caused the ground to saturate and in some spots rivers and creeks to rise.

In Waushara County, the sheriff’s department says the storm this morning caused a few trees to come down.

The winds Wednesday so far haven’t been as strong.

However, Sheriff Jeff Nett says the rain did wash out a road in the Town of Plainfield and force at least one homeowner to sandbag her house just outside of Wautoma.

It’s a spot that emergency management officials have been keeping a close eye on.

“This morning it was up on the lawn coming closer to the house, and I was out here for probably twenty minutes and while I was here it probably rose a foot onto the grass. We kind of made the call at that point. I talked to the weather service and they expected one to three inches tonight, so we decided to put the sandbags out as a safety precaution, just in case,” said Lt. Mark Piechowski, Waushara County Emergency Management Director.

Sheriff Nett added, “They’ve been talking about heavy rains and so far today, we’ve had our share of heavy rains. Most of Waushara County is sand country so for us to have water standing in ditches and in fields that’s a lot of rain. The ground is really saturated to have that happen.”

The concern over flooding is expected to last overnight and into Thursday.

Wisconsin Public Service warns the heavy rains are increasing the flows of rivers and creating more dangerous conditions near dams — both above and below the dam. Those dangerous conditions could last for several days.


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