Clintonville supports local soldier heading overseas with send-off

Local soldier heading overseas gets honored by Clintonville


CLINTONVILLE, Wis. (WBAY) – A proud fire chief organized a Clintonville sendoff for Sgt. Darrell Hansen Thursday morning.

The Army Reservist will be on his third tour of duty– as part of Operation Enduring Freedom– serving in the Middle East.

Students and community members gathered to support him as he leaves.

“To show their support for a local soldier and a local fireman deploying they definitely backed it…amazing…I’m still in shock,” said Hansen.

Patriotic signs were all over Clintonville Thursday. One elementary school principal brought her entire school out for a lesson on patriotism.

“It’s a community event. Whenever you have someone that’s a volunteer firefighter who’s going to help serve our country, we’re going to be there to support,” said Longfellow Elementary School Principal Tami Bagstad.

The admiration of those young kids left a lasting effect on the soldier.

“To sit there and see that the kids took time to come out there waving, you know showing support, it just melted my heart,” said Hansen.

He tells us he’s hoping to be a role model for them and for the rest of the community.

“Absolutely, I hope I am,” said Hansen.


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