Early voting in full swing in parts of Wisconsin

Voters in parts of Wisconsin are already starting to cast their ballots for November's presidential election.

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NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) – Voters in parts of Wisconsin are already starting to cast their ballots for November’s presidential election. This early voting season has some changes that you might find useful as a voter.

Neenah’s City Clerk’s Office is one of many areas of Wisconsin kicking off early ballot season.

“Normally we have absentee voting for two weeks before. Now basically we were doing ballots since last week, the 14th,” said Laurie Goffard, Deputy Clerk in Neenah.

City clerks say early voting saves everyone time and resources.

“Having someone come in the office as long as they show their photo ID we’ll get them a ballot right away. It’s relatively quick as opposed to sending them in the mail,” said Goffard, adding, “There’s more paperwork, too, mail-wise.”

If you don’t want to mail in your early ballot application, you can request one through email from your local city clerk.

Times for early voting vary by municipalities. For example:

Green Bay: September 26

Appleton: October 17

Democrats in Neenah Thursday afternoon celebrated the start of early voting season.

“I definitely think early voting helps because people’s lives are so busy, many families are working multiple jobs and you never know what’s going to happen on Election Day so just get out now and vote,” said Martha Laning, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair.

Republican Party representatives say they see a benefit in early voting too.

“For the parties, it guarantees their votes ahead of time if we talk with somebody we’re able to go out and vote now so I think both sides, it’s becoming more and more of the thing,” said Jim Duncan, Vice Chair of the Outagamie Republican Party.

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