JonBenét Ramsey case “solvable” says forensic scientist

Dr. Henry Lee. (WTNH)
Dr. Henry Lee. (WTNH)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — “This case, is a solvable case.”

That’s the opinion of Dr. Henry Lee, a world-renowned forensic scientist who has assisted in investigations like the JFK assassination and the O.J Simpson murder trial.

After the body of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey was discovered in her Boulder, Colorado home, Dr. Lee was called in to look at the evidence.

And in this murder case, there is a lot of it.

Each piece of evidence on its own is relatively easy to explain.

“But add it together a lot of conflict between each piece of evidence,” said Lee.

He remembers the day he arrived in Colorado, picked up by an investigator.

“He picked me up in the airport and said Dr. Lee, a busy man like you why come to a small town like Boulder, this case already solved. Arrest going to be any minute,” said Lee.

Twenty years later, it’s still not solved.

Throughout the years, the evidence re-examined countless times.

Evidence like a close to 350-word ransom note.

“Today so many experts read that ransom note – so far nobody thinks that this is a real ransom kidnapping case, so who wrote the note?” said Lee.

Lee says there are clues in the writing.

“With that the writing is more like a female, so by the process of elimination we have a feeling who write that note, by nobody can realistically testify and say, Mrs. Ramsey wrote that note,” said Lee.

It’s just one twist in a turns in a case where one question is answered, only to open up a deeper mystery.

“The most important piece of evidence they should retest for DNA is the garrote applied to JonBenét’s neck.

After countless man hours, Dr. Lee believes it will take many more to finally solve the case.

He suggests a thorough reexamination of all the evidence, using the latest technology advances.

“Maybe it’s about time the new DA, assemble another team with the new developing forensic technology,” said Lee.

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