No more Town of Menasha: Fox Crossing changes the boundaries


FOX CROSSING, Wis. (WBAY) –  It’s official. The Town of Menasha is now the Village of Fox Crossing.

Thursday morning, the Fox Crossing Village Board unanimously voted to change the boundary, bringing the Town of Menasha’s east side into the village.

Fox Crossing village manager Jeffrey Sturgell says east side residents had until 4:30 p.m. Wednesday to bring forth a petition forcing a vote on the agreement between Fox Crossing and the Town of Menasha. No one came forward, so the Village Board took action Thursday morning and officially adjusted the boundary.

The intergovernmental agreement was reached August 17 during a public meeting. It was agreed the Fox Crossing Village Board could change the boundary after a 30-day, state-mandated waiting period giving residents the right to petition for a referendum on the ballot.

Sturgell says three parcels of land are still considered the Town of Menasha, but they will likely be annexed by the City of Menasha.

“The big difference of course now is that we’re now incorporated as a village, and there will be no more annexations from the City of Menasha or other communities,” he said.

In April, Town of Menasha residents overwhelmingly voted to incorporate with the Village of Fox Crossing. It was one of the largest turnouts in the history of the town.


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