NWTC students build little libraries for kids


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — People in Green Bay will soon see more free little libraries around town thanks to carpentry students at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

Students in the carpentry program are building 10 little libraries. They are usually found outdoors, resemble a birdhouse, and contain books inside that readers can take, put back, or place in a different book to add to the collection.

“Right away you’re kind of shaky trying to figure out how to do it,” says student Devin Ziegler, “but now once [the instructor] showed the others it all started coming together – it’s a piece of cake and it’s nice getting them done.”

Ziegler was helping build one of the ten little libraries today. He says learning trade skills while giving back to his community is important to him.

“That’s going to feel great knowing that we’re probably going to see some of them around town… knowing that we were a part of that and just seeing that they’re being put to use and people are enjoying them – that’ll be a nice feeling,” he says.

The little libraries are being built for the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association. They will donate the tiny libraries to Green Bay area early childhood programs so children can be encouraged to read.

“If you look at how many are in our community, it’s very few. We’re pretty fortunate to be able to put 10 more out in our community for families to use,” says NWTC Early Childhood Program Instructor Sharon Tilly.

The little houses will be donated or auctioned off during the WCEA Conference in Green Bay, Oct. 13-15.

Student Matthew Kaczmarek says he loves combining school and volunteering.

“Definitely great to not only just learn from what we’re doing, but definitely do it for a purpose and I know someone will benefit from it,” he says.

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