Packers run defense revs up


Against the run, the Packers are #1. Sometimes stats are misleading, but not this time. Teams are trying to run the ball against Green Bay, but with no success. The Packers 1.63 yards per attempt allowed are head and shoulders above 2nd-place Seattle’s 2.84. 

“We are doing better tackling, I think that is the biggest difference,” said Julius Peppers. “That’s why we are playing the run so well.” 

The Packers tackling has been suspect early in seasons pass, but this year the team is practicing with the coaches preach. You hear it time and time again, pursue and finish. 

“It becomes second-nature to the point where we no longer have to say it,” said Mike Daniels. “But we still will.” 

The Packers number one run defense has been put in motion by the communication and pursuit of 2 young inside linebackers. In Talladega Nights, it was Shake and Bake, and here it is Jake and Blake! 

“I love Will Ferrell.,” said Jake Ryan. “What is that? Ricky Bobby?” 

“Ricky Bobby!” said Blake Martinez. “Shake and bake? Yeah! Jake and Blake? I don’t know if it will stick but we will see.” 

“Our young linebackers are really on the spot,” Daniels declared. “Wherever the ball is, that’s where they are.” 

“Going all the way back to OTA’s, we have been allowed, thanks to injuries, to step in and work together since day one. It has been extremely helpful overall. I think it is starting to show up now, where we are getting comfortable with each other. I know what he will do on a given play call, and I know what I will try to do, and we try to work together and we don’t have to say anything.” 

“Our #1 goal was to stop the run in both games and I think we have done well, we just have to keep on moving forward,” Ryan said.






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