Rodgers takes responsibility; ready to rebound


Timing is everything and the Packers could use a win on Sunday. But for the offense to start looking like its old self, the key components say not much has to change. The West Coast offense being a sliver off can look like a mile when the timing is not down. 

“We have been working on that throughout training camp, but it is a little different when it is live out there and things are a little bit off based on coverage or protection or anything else that can mix up the timing in our offense,” said Aaron Rodgers. “We have to get back to finding ways to throw it on time.” 

“We just have to execute,” said Jordy Nelson. “We have had opportunities out there and we have not made the most of them. The game is simple. Sometimes from an execution standpoint it is harder, but it just comes down to is executing.” 

“I have to lead by example,” Rodgers said. “As a leader, you have to take the blame when it is necessary, and even sometimes when it is not your fault I think it is important to let those guys know that you will stick your body on the line and also that you will stand up for them when you need to in the locker room and in the meeting room and the media. You have to take responsibility for the way you played and I did not play to the level that I wanted to last week. I turned the ball over twice and I cannot do that if we are going to win the game. I have to play better and we have to play more efficiently on offense as well.” 

The Packers home struggles against the NFC North last season were well chronicled, but Aaron Rodgers last 300-yard passing game did come at home against Detroit.



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