Clerk who thwarted attempted bank robberies in Wausaukee receives award


MARINETTE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY)–  A man is facing two federal counts of attempted robbery after failing to rob two Wausaukee banks in August, but police say he failed because of the actions of a gas station clerk.

“It was a normal day like any other day,” said Kadie Menor, who was awarded the “Sheriff’s Super Citizen Award.”

However, on August 5 business as usual also included stopping an attempted robbery at the State Bank of Florence across the street.

“I was sitting doing afternoon paperwork at my desk,” said Menor.

“I happened to look up and see a guy standing over there being a little suspicious,” said Wayne McClister, an employee at Krist Oil Gas Station in Wausaukee.

“He was kind of pacing by a bush,” said Menor.

“Every time he got near the front of the bush, he would back step a ways,” said McClister.

“Then he pulled a bandanna over his face,” said Menor.

That’s when Menor decided to call the bank employees to warn them.

“I told them to lock the door immediately. I got off the phone with them and then called dispatch,” said Menor.

With doors now locked, authorities said the armed suspect made his way to another bank, but police were one step ahead of him.

“We had called them also and said, ‘Hey we had an attempt at Florence, please lock your doors until you hear from us again,’ and he showed up down there,” said Marinette County Sheriff Jerome Sauve.

The suspect was arrested and the sheriff said it’s all thanks to Menor and that is why she is being honored with the “Sheriff’s Super Citizen Award.” Menor was also given an award from the FBI.

“This is a great example of the citizen really stepping up and saying, ‘Hey that doesn’t look right. I’m making the call,’ and in her case, just in time — just in time to get that door locked,” said Sauve.

“It was just immediate instinct, you know, protecting my community,” said Menor.