Friday night is a black moon

A "black moon" is actually the opposite of a full moon -- but you try finding a picture of a black moon

Full moon by Dennis Gibbs
Dennis Gibbs - full moon - July 30, 2015

Updated to show that the peak of the black moon will occur after moonset

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Friday night brings a celestial sight that happens only once in a blue moon.

It’s called a black moon.

A black moon is simply a term given to the second new moon in the same calendar month. This only occurs once every 32 months, but that’s still a pretty regular schedule.

A new moon is when Earth’s natural satellite is being illuminated by the sun on a side facing away from us, so we see either only a sliver of a crescent or nothing at all.

This time, you’ll see nothing at all. Even if the clouds in tonight’s forecast clear, the black moon will peak at 7:11 p.m. Central Time. That’s 31 minutes after moonset, when the moon falls below the horizon.

Through history, some societies believed a black moon was a sign of impending doom. If you thought werewolves during a full moon were a problem, they’re nothing compared to the apocalypse that’s supposed to follow a black moon. Yet, through all the years, the doomsday predictions haven’t come true. Maybe in another 32 months.