Unity Walk aims to bring different communities together


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — Breaking down cultural barriers it no easy task but that’s not stopping some people in Green Bay from trying to make things better.

The Unity Walk was put on by a Green Bay organization called One Dream Team. Their mission is to build relationships in the community.

Kerry spencer dreams big — and in her sights is building relationships in the community.

The creator of one dream team, Spencer believes Americans need to unite – not fight.

“If we ever end up going to war and we have a situation, I don’t want to worry about who’s sitting next to me, I just want to know we’re all together and together we’re going to make a difference,” said Kerry.

One Dream Team partnered with My Brothers Keeper, Green Bay Police and Metro Fire Departments along several local businesses to supported a 3K walk to show unity in the community.

The walk comes at a time race relations are the talk of the nation. There was also a candlelight vigil to mourn the deaths in recent shootings.

The message today was bringing people of different ideas, cultures and races together.

“It’s not about one race, it’s about unity, all people, people as a whole, come together, talking to each other getting to know each other and showing people that hey we can get along with each other,” said Donald Spencer of One Dream Team.

The group that helps keep men on track called my brothers keeper.

They partnered with one dream team today.

The Green Bay Police were also on hand, happy to see communities reaching out to one another.

“It’s what makes us a great nation, great people, a great city, recognizing our differences our similarities sharing what we have in common and be open to the differences,” said Green Bay Police’s Andrew Lentz.

One dream team hopes this makes the discussion of unity stronger. They also hope to make their walk a yearly tradition.