Toddler shares her adorable makeup tips

Jordyn Nicole Peralta offering makeup tips
(via Twitter)

OAHU, Hawaii (WFLA) — If you want to look effortlessly beautiful in the morning, 3-year-old Jordyn Nicole Peralta, from Oahu, Hawaii, has made this adorable makeup tutorial – and our hearts are melting.

Jordyn has the perfect technique for “squishing” and blending her makeup in.

Her sister, Cheyenne Peralta, said her little sister loves playing with makeup and has been watching her big sis make makeup tutorials practically her entire life.

“I just want to say how surprised I am on how my sister went viral,” Cheyenne said. “I want to thank everyone for their love and support to my sister and everyone’s positive comments! Mahalo from the both of us!”

The video is too cute not to watch, so here it is.