Town of Menasha transitioning to Village of Fox Crossing

The transition will take time... to save money


FOX CROSSING, Wis. (WBAY) – Now that all of the Town of Menasha will become the incorporated Village of Fox Crossing , the transition to re-brand has begun. It’s a process that’s going to take some time to complete.

The Town of Menasha has existed since 1855. But after years of planning, and approval from the state and local residents, the Winnebago County community is now the Village of Fox Crossing. The task is now to change the signage on town items, making them village property.

“There’s no need to go out and make immediate changes if it’s going to cost taxpayer dollars,” says Jeff Sturgell, the Village of Fox Crossing Administrator.

But that doesn’t mean the transition isn’t taking place. The Village village is just being smart about how it does business, not only planning for the transition by depleting things like letterhead, but also completing some of the tasks in house.

Sturgell says, “The street signs, the temporary signs that we have up now, those are limited dollars because we’re basically re-using old signs, putting on decals that we make with our own sign machine.”

New badges for the police and fire, estimated to be between six and seven thousand dollars, are the most expensive piece of the transition. New patches are already in house and will simply be added to existing uniforms. Some police car decals are already being updated, but it’s not necessary for all of them.

According to Officer Jason Weber, with the Village Police Department, “We replace half of our squad cars every year, so those cars that are going to be replaced really aren’t going to have that big of a change immediately. But the cars that we do keep, we are changing those and putting a blue stripe instead of a silver stripe.”

While smaller items like street signs and letterhead should all be transitioned within the next six months, larger items like water towers will done on an as needed basis.

Sturgell adds, “Next year we will have one of our water towers being repainted, Village of Fox Crossing, and then in the next two or three years we have another one that’s going to be scheduled.”

The Village plans to change as many items as it can, while being fiscally responsible. And even though some things like garbage cans won’t be replaced, the Village its residents fully accept it’s new name.