Scouts helping food pantries with changing needs

The scouts are participating in a Food Drive 5 campaign to add healthy food and food for those with specialized diets


BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in Brown County are holding their annual food drives. What they’re hoping to gather this year is pretty specific.

The scouts are participating in a Food Drive 5 campaign, looking to add healthy food and food for people with specialized diets at local pantries.

UW Extension says those with low incomes are two to three times more likely to have a diet-related disease than the general population.

“These are people that are using food pantries, half of the people that we survey say that they need a special diet and they’re not able to find that food at the food pantries,” said UW Extension Nutrition Program Coordinator Karen Early.

Some have high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Since 2012, Food Drive 5 has helped increase healthy food donations.

Food Drive 5 recommends donating protein, fruit, mixed soups, whole grain cereal and pasta, and colorful vegetables.

When looking to be a part of the Food Drive 5 theme, people should look for can goods that have the low or no sugar or sodium options.

First United Methodist Church of Green Bay’s pantry, Goodwill Place, participates in Food Drive 5 and believes in its benefits.

“Going to make a world of change down the line as far as healthcare costs and their just healthy being,” said Goodwill Place Director Vicki Hoell.

The scouting for food drive will begin October 8th.

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