Local Doctors in Haiti

Doctors arrived for clinics last month before Hurricane Matthew formed

Doctor Kerry Ahrens via Facebook

LACROIX, HAITI (WBAY) — Two doctors from Green Bay and Appleton are near the eye of the storm in Haiti.

“High winds, trees bending over, and it comes in bursts. It’s not a constant force right now even though evidently we’re right near the eye of the storm,” said Dr. Kerry Ahrens, emergency medicine physician at BayCare Clinic in Green Bay.

The doctors arrived September 23 with a volunteer group of 10.

“We came here for just a basic medical mission to provide treatment to this poor area of Haiti,” Dr. Ahrens said.

That all changed with Hurricane Matthew.

“What was supposed to be a clinic day today and yesterday morphed into a huge storm. We didn’t come home because initially trajectory was going to miss Haiti, and then we lost our window to be able to get home,” said Dr. Ahrens.

They said they are a little scared, but safe. Now they are happy they are there so they can help residents of the poor area they’re staying in if the residents need it.

“I worry more about the people of Haiti and they’re very poor, they live in poorly constructed homes for the most part,” Dr. Ahrens said.

If all goes as planned, the doctors plan on making a return to northeast Wisconsin Friday.

“We’re going to leave many of our supplies behind,” said Dr. Ahrens.