Roundabout opening for education before it opens to traffic

roundabout signage

MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) – A portion of the Highway 10-441 project is complete. After being closed for months, Racine Road between 9th and 12th Streets in Menasha is about to reopen. But, before it does, with encouragement from Wisconsin Bike Federation, the roundabout is being used to educate.

As crews wrap up their work to open the new roundabout on Racine Road in Menasha, the police department, in collaboration with Wisconsin Bike Federation, is hosting a safety event in the roundabout on Tuesday night from five until seven. The plan is to work with pedestrians and bicyclists to make sure they can safely navigate the roundabout.

“This is kind of the educational opportunity for people to see how a roundabout works without having to worry about cars or trucks,” says Menasha Police Chief Tim Styka.

While roundabouts are nothing new for the area, this one in particular will most likely see more foot and bicycle traffic than others.

Styka says, “With the proximity of Calder Stadium as well as the walking route potentially to the high school and some of the other areas, we do feel like this one might be utilized a little bit more by pedestrians.”

With more and more people using bicycles as a mode of transportation, the event will just be a good reminder that bicyclists have just as many rights on the road as vehicles.

“I’m hoping to teach people to drive slowly, take your time, it’s not a race and give those people on bicycles three feet,” adds Michelle Bachaus from Wisconsin Bike Federation.

Even though the event will focus on pedestrians and bicyclists navigating the roundabout, the chief says it really is everyone’s responsibility. “I think everybody needs to do their own share to make sure they’re safe going into it.// But I think probably the biggest thing is people are in a little too much of a hurry, you just need to slow down and time your time as you’re going through them,” says Styka.

The DOT plans to open the roundabout to vehicle traffic starting at eight o’clock Tuesday night.