Senate candidates discuss economy, infrastructure and their opponent

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Now about 10 days away from their first debate, things are heating up between Senator Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold who’s looking to take his seat.

The two stopped in the Green Bay area on Wednesday, focusing on Wisconsin’s economy.

Ron Johnson  stopped at Amerilux International, a manufacturing company in De Pere, discussing how to make the tax system more competitive in order to encourage job growth.

“Economic growth ought to be the primary component of certainly what government policy is all about how can we incentivize people like Kurt and the folks who work here at Amerilux to continue to grow and expand their business to create the good paying jobs and opportunities that we all value,” said Johnson.

Russ Feingold visited the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce, focusing on creating growth by working on the infrastructure and encouraging job training.

“Second thing is training you can have as many job openings as you want but if there isn’t anybody trained to do the job it doesn’t work,” said Feingold

Feingold did address a recent investigation into his emails during his stop. He’s accused of violating federal law by talking about his intent to run for senate in his emails, while still in office.

The State Department may decide to release those emails, but Feingold said that doesn’t concern him.

“I followed all the rules and so I’m perfectly happy to have anything to be released that is released,” said Feingold.

When Johnson was asked about it he said:

“Those emails should have been released a long time ago hopefully they release them in time for Wisconsin voters to actually assess what he may or may not have done,” said Johnson.