Trick or threat? Creepy clown craze hits Sheboygan

The sightings have gone viral on social media nationwide, and people claim to be taking action.


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (WBAY) – The ‘creepy clown craze’ frightening people in cities across the U.S. has made its way to Sheboygan, but no one there seems to be laughing.

Nationally in the last few weeks, at least twelve arrests and one death are reported to have been connected to the fad of people dressing up in clown costumes in an apparent attempt to scare people.

“Ever since I was little, I guess they scared the bajeebers out of me,” said Mary Hinz of Sheboygan.

Creepy clowns wandering parks and streets aren’t amusing people in Sheboygan— several of whom made calls to police this past weekend, reporting clowns “of three sizes” were seen strolling in Vollrath Park, another outside the Sheboygan Armory, and worst of all: a clown peeping in someone’s windows on the 1100 block of North Ninth Street.

The sightings have gone viral on social media, and people claim to be taking action.

“[They say] they’re not going to go out at night, they’re going to close their drapes, some people are going to have a gun,” said Hinz.

Action 2 News spoke with more than a dozen people with in the neighborhoods clowns were reportedly seen. None saw any clowns, but they do believe there were some—likely reported by passerbys.

“It does freak me out and we do live on a corner where a lot of people can see into your house,” said Cathryn Burling—who was questioned at her home Saturday night by police who were sent to check on the clown sighting.

“The cops asked if we had seen clowns, and I am terrified of clowns so I probably freaked out more than anyone else. But it’s just kind of scary to think people are walking around your house,” Burling said.

Carl Martens, who lives across the street from a park where clowns were reported, said police asked him a couple of questions. He described the exchange this way:

”You haven’t seen clowns?’
‘No… we haven’t seen clowns.’
‘There have been clowns in the area.’
‘We haven’t seen the clowns,’” Martens responded.

Sheboygan Police Captain Kurt Brasser blames the viral effect of social media on the nation’s clown craze as well as his own city’s.

“If there is a clown in someone’s yard and it’s causing a disturbance, we’ll investigate that to our fullest ability and make an arrest if it’s warranted,” he told Action 2 News. “But as of right now, there’s no information to support that.”