Source: Lawmaker will propose replacing Green Bay Correctional Institution

Green Bay Correctional Institution Prison sign - not good

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WBAY) – Action 2 News is learning new details about a proposal to move the Green Bay Correctional Institution — the maximum-security prison in Allouez.

State Rep. David Steffen (R-Green Bay) is expected to release details about his proposal on Thursday, but a person close to the plans tells Action 2 News the care and control of inmates at the aging prison is a concern.

The proposal asks the governor and the Department of Corrections to approve a cost and feasibility study to relocate the prison because of the cost of maintenance, upgrades and repair.

All of Wisconsin’s maximum-security prisons are at full capacity, and a new facility could alleviate some of that.

The source said the hope is that a new, multi-functional facility built in the Brown County area would allow current employees to keep their job, while drawing new employees in from surrounding areas.

Plus, the source said there is a developer already interested in the land.

State Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) also has strong opinions about the future of the Green Bay Correctional Institution. He said safety, for both facility employees and inmates, is his biggest concern.

“A lot of people have already been seriously injured and ultimately somebody may not come out of there alive,” said Hansen.

Hansen said something needs to be done right away, not one or two years down the road.

“He may be talking about building a new one or a big remodel, but what we have to do is get in there and get an independent study and find out what is going wrong and what is going right?” said Hansen. “I think that is absolutely essential and I think we should have the men and women at the table to discuss the issues that are important to them at the institution.”