Packers/Giants: Beckham’s antics add intrigue


The highest of highs. 

And the strangest of lows. 

We’ve seen them both with Odell Beckham.  

As the Packers prepare for the Giants’ receiver, they are wary of his skill set (having given up more than 180 receiving yards to one player in each of their last 2 games). But OBJ had the worst game of his career Monday night, and Damarious Randall is ready to jettison his own personal frustrations by trying to further torture Beckham.  

“Everybody knows about OBJ, so I’m just kind of looking forward to that match-up,” Randall said. 

And with Beckham’s outburst are making headlines, Aaron Rodgers’ goal is to be the exact opposite, steady-as-she-goes. 

“It’s about a mindset,” Rodgers said. “Whatever you have to do to get in the right frame of mind. For me, it’s about controlling your emotions. I am making sure to be us even-keeled as possible out there. Everyone is looking at me for energy and enthusiasm and positive attitude. Those are the things I think about before the game.” 

But with this football thing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

“That is the beauty of our game,” Rodgers said. “We encourage our guys to be themselves. You cannot keep a guy like Mike Daniels quiet. You love the passion out there on the field. We talked about it a few games ago, express yourself. You just can’t let it affect your team in a negative way.” 

“You know emotion is part of the game,” said head coach Mike McCarthy. “But to really comment on anyone externally, I really don’t have an opinion on it.”