President Obama reduces prison sentences for 102 inmates


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBAY) – President Barack Obama has reduced prison sentences for 102 inmates across the country.

It’s part of his effort to grant clemency to prisoners, many of whom were convicted for drug-related crimes under outdated sentencing laws.

To date, President Obama has commuted a total of 774 prisoners. Nearly 600 sentences were shortened this year alone.

The commutations won’t be effective immediately. Some inmates will remain in prison until 2018.

Two prisoners are from Wisconsin. Ronald Baskin of Madison, who was previously sentenced to more than 21 years, is expected to be released on Oct. 6, 2018. Baskin was convicted of possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine.

Victor Matias Jr. of Baraboo, who was previously sentenced to 30 years, is expected to be released on Feb. 3, 2017. Matias was convicted on a number of charges related to selling cocaine.