Candidates in 8th congressional district race address Trump comments

Mike Gallagher, Tom Nelson photos

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Local politicians are addressing their views on the controversy surrounding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

A lewd video was released on Friday which showed Trump making vulgar and profane comments about women. He later apologized.

Both candidates in Wisconsin’s eighth congressional district race addressed Trump’s comments. Democrat Tom Nelson called them “vile.”

“As a father, as a husband, and as the son of a Lutheran pastor, it was absolutely disgusting,” Nelson said. “I mean we have heard, and we have seen so much in this election cycle, but this really took things to yet another level.”

Nelson then fired at his Republican opponent, Mike Gallagher, saying that Gallagher stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Trump. Gallagher’s campaign tells Action 2 News that he has never publicly endorsed Trump and has distanced himself from events that Trump has attended in Wisconsin.

However, Gallagher maintains his disdain for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

On Friday night, Gallagher released this statement about Trump’s comments:

I denounce Donald Trump’s disgusting and offensive comments and strongly echo the sentiments of my mother, sister, niece and all women who deserve to be treated with our utmost respect.”