Crowdpac: Green Bay is most polarized city in America

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Recent findings by Crowdpac, a political data technology startup, show Green Bay is the most polarized city in the United States.

The website tracked political contributions made by individuals to federal candidates since 2008. Of Green Bay’s 2,880 donors, nearly 52 percent gave to liberal candidates, while about 48 percent gave to conservative candidates, according to the data.

Crowdpac says this means Green Bay is more than three times more polarized than the least polarized city in the country, Berkeley, Calif., a liberal stronghold.

The following cities were listed in the Top 10:

1. Green Bay, Wis: 51.8 percent liberal; 48.2 percent conservative.

2. Mesa, Ariz.: 52.8 percent liberal; 47.2 percent conservative.

3. Lubbock, Texas: 38.2 percent liberal; 61.8 percent conservative.

4. Katy, Texas: 47.3 percent liberal; 52.7 percent conservative.

5. Richmond, Texas: 49.3 percent liberal; 50.7 percent conservative.

6. Spring, Texas: 41.8 percent liberal; 58.2 percent conservative.

7. Gilbert, Ariz.: 55.5 percent liberal; 44.5 percent conservative.

8. Colorado Springs, Colo.: 60.1 percent liberal; 39.9 percent conservative.

9. Arlington, Texas: 59.3 percent liberal; 40.7 percent conservative.

10. Peoria, Ariz.: 60.9 percent liberal; 39.1 percent conservative.

The data tracked nearly 400 cities. To see the full list, CLICK HERE.