Preble High School rallies against bullying, students take a pledge


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – October is national bullying prevention month, and for the third year Preble High School held their “Run, Walk and Roll 5K Against Bullying” on Saturday.

This follows an emotional week for students who’ve been sharing their own stories and taking pledges against bullying all week.

The school says they’re trying to prevent a problem observed in the community, schools and workplace.

On Monday, students, teachers, parents and community members’ shared their experiences with bullying.  Their confessions included suicidal thoughts, wanting to drop out of school and struggling to have confidence.

“The students were so courageous. The stories that they spoke were true stories. They were stories that for some were the first time they spoke them aloud. At moments, there was not a dry eye,” said Courtney Kuehn, Associate Principal at Preble High School.

The goal is for the entire school to view harassment as unacceptable and have the confidence to point out rude behavior. “It kind of gives them a little bit of a nudge especially if they know that all these other students that are sitting there with them are also going to be standing up a lot more often if they see anything,” said Samantha Brusky, a high school student volunteer.

Students took pledges, too— to stop bullies, and respect everyone.

“Everyone in my class signed it. I was really proud to have signed it. They have it hanging up on the windows by the library now covering the windows. Like all of them. It’s really cool,” said Preble student Preston Johnson.

Preble has joined what’s called the “upstander” movement—meaning—“If you see someone who is saying something that could be unkind or hurt someone’s feelings– being an upstander really just means that you’re going to call them out in a sense. In a nice sense,” said Kuehn. “Ask them, how would they feel if something similar were said to them?”

Learn more about the movement here.