Fox Valley Metro Police receive numerous complaints of clowns


FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Fox Valley Metro Police Department says it has received numerous reports of people dressed as clowns this weekend, including at Sunset Park in Kimberly.

Officers were able to identify the people involved at the park and are currently addressing the situation.

They say a 14-year-old boy dressed as a clown was blocking a one-way roadway near the park sometime Sunday evening. Someone driving by told him to get out of the way, but he pulled out what appeared to be a knife and didn’t move. Police say the driver then got back in their car, drove away and then called police.

Police went to the park and questioned the teenager. They couldn’t tell if the knife he had was real, but he is facing disorderly conduct charges.

Police are reminding people that it is perfectly legal to dress as a clown on public property, but it becomes a problem when someone is carrying any type of weapon. Officers say they will treat that as a criminal offense.

Anyone who tries hiding or cutting through private property can also be arrested for trespassing.

The Fox Valley Metro Police Department is asking people to report to them immediately if they see anyone with a weapon or if anyone is trespassing. Their non-emergency phone number is 920-788-7505.