Soccer team helps build concession stand in Green Bay


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Arnie Wolff Sports Complex in Green Bay needs a concession stand and bathroom.

The Strikers Soccer Club had everything they needed, except someone to build it. They decided to help take on the job, and it has become a learning experience for everyone involved.

“We got a call in the spring that the Strikers had run into a road block,” said Chad Bronkhorst, president of Green Bay Area Firefighters. “They didn’t have anyone to handle the labor end of putting the building up.”

“The hard part for us has been trying to find a licensed mason to come and put up the walls,” said Steve Daavettila, board member with the Green Bay Strikers.

When Northeast Wisconsin Technical College heard about the project, they decided to get involved as well.

“I thought it was great because they get to read plans, do the block work, do the flooring,” said NWTC Instructor David Pryes. “It’s really an all-around win-win.”

“I mean it was in no time,” Bronkhorst said. “These guys stepped up and they were here ready to rock and roll.”

“They’d rather be out here doing this than sitting in the classroom for hours, and we needed free labor, and they provided that,” Daavettila said.

“Good that we’re able to get out here,” said NWTC student Kurt Kazik, who is a member of the Apprenticeship Program. “Get some experience with on the job training versus sitting in the classroom doing our book work. Helps us tune up our skills, show people what we have.”

“The firefighters came into this thing ready to do a bunch of work, and we found out we were kind of getting in their way, so we just kind of let the pros do what the pros do,” Bronkhorst said.

“Our students need to learn real world experience other than when they’re out in the work world,” Pryes said. “They don’t get to do as hands on as they would as I teach in class.”

“Ultimately, we’re building this thing for Arnie, who is one of our fallen brothers,” Bronkhorst said. “He deserves to be remembered properly. His passion was soccer. It just goes to show when you’ve got people with their hearts and their minds in the right place, you can really accomplish a lot of good stuff.”