Two local paintball teams train for championship


WEYAUWEGA, Wis. (WBAY) – Two local paintball teams are heading to their sport’s championship in Florida next month, and they brought in some help as part of their preparation for the tournament.

They practiced Sunday at Outdoor Adventures in Weyauwega.

Team Captain Jamie Conrad says, for many, the first taste of playing the sport often sparks a deeper interest in the game.

“Normally what happens is you come out, you play some paintball with your co-workers and friends, and then from there, you build the addiction and the adrenaline for it, so this is like that on steroids,” Conrad said.

The fast-paced, high-energy form of the game has a fitting name as teams race to eliminate one another in the quickest time.

“What we play is five-man airball or speedball,” Conrad said. “What’s going on behind us is we’re doing some drills, practicing our skills.”

But this is not just a men’s sport. Team whiteout member Aubrie Burnside is proof of that.

“It is kind of intimidating sometimes because when you’re out on the field, you know, I’m a female,” Burnside said. “I have a braid. They can point you out really much easier, so if you mess up, then they know who you are.”

With two local teams getting ready to head down to Florida for the World Cup, they brought in two professionals to help up their game.

“It’s a very good learning experience,” Burnside said. “They help you on fundamentals, critiquing everything.”

Amy Burnside, who operates the facility with her husband Rich, brought in the professional coaches for one common goal.

“To win these games,” Amy Burnside said. “To help them move on. This is their fourth time coming out here, and this has been great. Great for our teams.”