Two Rivers boy charged with trying to kill mother

Jackson Vogel
Jackson Vogel (Manitowoc Co. Jail photo)

TWO RIVERS, Wis. (WBAY) – A 16-year-old boy says he intended to kill his adoptive mother but she surprised him, according to the criminal complaint filed in Manitowoc County court.

Jackson Vogel was charged Monday afternoon with attempted first-degree intentional homicide with use of a dangerous weapon, strangulation and suffocation, and false imprisonment.

According to the complaint, Two Rivers police say they were called about possible family trouble on the 2300-block of 42nd Street around 4 o’clock in the morning on September 29. Officers found a lot of blood in the driveway, and Vogel covered in blood. He initially said he cut his finger picking up a knife from the floor of the garage.

They found 61-year-old Robin Matternich in the house. She told them Vogel stabbed her when she came into his bedroom to look for her cell phone, stabbed her again after she fell down on the kitchen floor, and again after she had run into the garage. She was able to get outside to yell for help, then he stabbed her a fourth time. She says when she grabbed the knife from him, he tried to choke and smother her, then led her back to the garage. Then police arrived.

Matternich said Vogel told her “he was tired of not being able to see his mom and brother,” and he was going to kill her and wait for her husband to come home.

According to police, Vogel said he planned to ambush Matternich in the living room when she let the dogs out before work but she surprised him by coming into his bedroom, and he stabbed her in the chest with a knife from the butcher block. He said killing her with a serrated knife would be “uncivilized.”