Internet’s debate hero has Wisconsin connection


(WBAY) – Presidential debate internet sensation Ken Bone has a Wisconsin connection.

Bone told ABC News that he purchased that famous red sweater in the Badger state while attending his nephew’s baptism.

“I bought it at a Kohl’s in Wausau, Wisconsin,” Bone told ABC News.

Izod, the company that makes the sweater, has capitalized on the moment. They sent out a Tweet advertising the sweater as the “Town Hall” look.

ABC News also reports that the red Izod sweater sold out in every size on Amazon Monday.

There have been memes going around suggesting the sweater for a Ken Bone Halloween costume.

Bone’s mild-mannered nature and red sweater won over social media by offering a contrast to the hostility between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the Town Hall debate.

Memes, news show appearances, late night jokes, and a whole lot of Twitter followers have introduced Bone to that fleeting 15 minutes of fame.

When he’s not an internet superstar, the 34-year-old works at a coal-fired plant in Southern Illinois.