Pulaski Public Library Proposal

Brown County and the Village of Pulaski work together towards renovating a historic building into a new home for the public library


PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) – The 2017 Brown County budget includes a proposal to move the Pulaski public library to a historic building in the heart of the village’s downtown.

Brown County Library Executive Director Brian Simons explains how the idea began. “So it really kind of grew organically, out of the community that said, wow, we really want our library to be larger, and here’s our opportunity to do so.”

That opportunity means moving the library down the road to what once was the Franciscan Friars’ Printery building.

The public library is renting their current space from the village, and the move would create a chance for Pulaski to bring in even more development. In terms of that chance for the village, Simons adds, “they’re very happy about this because they’d like to take that space and sell it and get it back on the tax roll, so it’s really a win, win, win for everyone.”

The Printery building has sat vacant since it stopped operations in 2001. The move would provide more than 2,000 additional square feet of space for the library.

Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach says the plan depends on support from both the county and the village itself. “The way we structured this through the Brown County Board of Supervisors, I think it should gain very good strong support from the Brown County Board of Supervisors, the next question is really, where is the community support.”

With the county kicking in $300,000 as a loan, the other half is up to the village to come up with.

Brown County Supervisor Mark Becker, whose district covers Pulaski, explains that it is now up to the residents to come up with the remaining funds. “The remaining 300,000 is community investment, so the job’s not done.”

But local leaders believe they can get residents support through private donations and contributions. Village of Pulaski President Reed Woodward is confident they will make it happen. “When they see a need, they always figure out a way to get it done and we’ll do that.”