DOT begins switching traffic to new Little Lake Butte des Morts Bridge

New Highway 10 bridge construction
(Photo: WBAY)
DOT graphic. Click for larger image.
DOT graphic. Click for larger image.

MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) – Drivers, get ready to make the switch to the new Little Lake Butte des Morts Bridge.

The Department of Transportation will begin moving eastbound traffic from the old bridge overnight on Thursday, Oct. 13.

The DOT tells motorists:

  • Northbound I-41 to eastbound US Highway 10 ramp traffic will be on the new Little Lake Butte des Morts Bridge and continue on the new eastbound US 10 pavement
  • Eastbound US 10 traffic from US 10 or southbound I-41 will remain on the old bridge
  • Eastbound US 10 traffic on the new and old bridges will join together at the Racine Road overpass

The roundabout at Racine Road opened last week.

Drivers heading in that area will notice the lane shift at around midnight.

“It will be a little bit odd to be the only ones on the bridge at that time, but we will have message boards that say continue on for the next mile to meet up with US 10,” said Melissa Kok, Wisconsin DOT Northeast Assistant Communications Manager.

It’s the first of three traffic switches that are planned for the parallel bridges. Next week eastbound traffic on Highway 10 will also be re-routed towards the new bridge, and in two weeks all traffic will be on the new bridge. Eventually the old bridge will be renovated to carry westbound traffic. That’s scheduled to be completed in 2018.

During that phase a ramp allowing westbound traffic on highway 10 to exit northbound on I-41 will be closed.

Officer Jason Weber of the Fox Crossing Police Department said,”Once that bridge is done it really is going to make a world of difference, not just for us obviously in the village, but really for everybody as a whole in the Fox Valley. This was a project that really was sorely needed and way past due.”

The entire Highway 441 Tri-County project is scheduled to be finished in 2021.