Packers: Where is offensive efficiency?


There’s no doubt the Packers offense has room for improvement. There were some pretty nice flash plays on Sunday night, but so many more of the head scratching variety. Incomplete screen passes, dropped balls, and perplexing inaccuracy from Aaron Rodgers, all contributing to the Packers underwhelming win. 

So this week? Mike McCarthy will spend extra time fine-tuning his passing game. 

“I think it is like anything in life and the game of football, you get what you emphasize,” McCarthy said. “We will just spend more time in the classroom and change the meeting structure. We will try to make sure we will clean up some of the things we need to be better at.” 

“Those things happen,” Rodgers said. “I missed some passes in those should guys should not be worried about me either. We are going to get better and we are not going to have inconsistent performance is like that.” 

While acknowledging the Packers imperfections, McCarthy is becoming perturbed with the media’s expectations. He pointed out Wednesday that his offense did produce more than 400 total yards in last week’s win. And if not for a called-back touchdown, the Giants game could’ve been put away early. 

“Competition in the National Football League is always tight,” McCarthy said. “It does not matter who you play or where you are playing. It is usually one or two or three plays that kind of define your overall performance, or the perception of your performance.” 

“I am not really worried about the perception,” said receiver Jordy Nelson. “The reality is we have done some good things that we have not done some good things. We just need to be more consistent. We are confident in what we can do. We know we can do it. We have done it. We just have to do it every possession and be consistent.” 

“That’s the game,” Rodgers said. “It is one or two plays here or there that if they had gone our, it would’ve looked a lot better on paper and actually live as well.”